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  • Explore the deep valleys and the high mountain peaks of the Elysian Mountains. This terrain is perfect for use in an RPG or exploration space. There are multiple large river inlets, open plains and large mountains to climb. There is custom foliage across the entire map.

    In the mountains, above the clouds, lays the journey’s temple. Designed to feel like a Japanese-styled build, this is perfect for an area where players spawn in, with spaces for NPCs and chests. Journey temple makes the perfect spawn for any server trying to create an oriental theme.

    It’s time to take your players down a trip on memory lane. Spawn into this retro and cool spawn with memorabilia from retro gaming days. This spawn is perfect for game servers or places where there are bright, colorful minigames. There are spaces for chests and NPCs.

    Love is in the air with this spawn, designed for celebrations of love, like valentines day. Within the spawn are multiple spaces for portals, a parkour area and a romantic heart at the center. Heart’s desire gives you everything you could need within a Minecraft spawn.

    Want a perfect island hub for your server? This angel spawn will be perfect for you, with many places to place NPCs and chests! When you spawn into the Angel’s Rest, you are welcomed by two vast organics of angels, one symbolising life and the other death.

    This spawn puts you smack bang in the middle of the Jellyfish, spawn into a world surrounded by these elegant, yet dangerous marvels of nature and let your players feel as if they are truly in the depths of the sea, with giant turtles and jellyfish overhead.

    Within the walls of Brawnlyn Castle lays a thriving market, where traders meet and economies thrive. This spawn is the perfect Minecraft spawn for your server with spaces for NPCs and traders. Let your players get ready to battle in the most stylish of castles!